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Lenten Devotion Series

The In-Person Passion: Lenten Reflections on the Reality of Redemption

40 for You - Lenten Wellness

This year the LCMS Northern Illinois District is  partnering with friends and colleagues at Concordia University Chicago on a joint daily devotion series to be used by all as part of Concordia’s Lenten wellness campaign, “40 For You”.

The theme is “The In-Person Passion.” The idea is that Christ’s “bitter sufferings and death” were certainly not virtual, but intensely personal, physical, and grounded in reality. As such, we’re asking you to reflect on a specific physical object’s connection to the passion account in the gospels. Obviously, the gospel is not about an inanimate object. Rather, Christ’s interaction/relationship/encounter with that object (nails, donkey, pieces of silver, spear) will serve as a creative spring-board for the devotion. We hope this will be both engaging and edifying.

Download hard-copy printed booklet – 40 for You 2021 – Lenten Devotions (PDF)