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This form is used for individuals to submit recommendations for other individuals to the 61st Convention of the Northern Illinois District of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

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I recommend the following person for:*
This person is a/an:*
For a serving professional church worker, please list the congregation in which they serve; if they are a layperson or a retired professional church worker, list the congregation in which they hold membership.
Congregation Address*

Person Recommended This Individual

The following information is for the person submitting the recommendation of the individual mentioned above.
Recommendation from:*
Please provide your name or the name of the congregation submitting the recommendation for the individual provided above.
Please provide the email address for the person nominating the individual above.
Professional church worker-where you are called; Layperson-where you hold membership.
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Thank You for Your Recommendation

The committee will contact all recommended individuals to confirm their willingness to serve, and whether they would be willing to serve in other positions if needed. Whether or not the individual recommended is placed on the convention ballot will be decided by the committee based upon the candidate’s qualifications (including bylaw requirements) and the number of candidates available for each position. All candidates will be notified of the committee’s decision. If you experience difficulty in submitting this form, please email michelle.lavelle@nidlcms.org or call 708-223-3101.
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