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National Servant Partner

Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) is a national servant partner of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod and the Northern Illinois District. Your district LCEF is committed flourshing in Our life together by multiplying churches and their ministry of Word and Sacraments.

Serving People, Ministries, Businesses to help you:


  • Personal: residential, consolidation, home equity, education
  • Ministry: congregation, school association, RSO/organization, natural disaster assistance


  • Personal: pastor coaching
  • Ministry: VisionPath, Capital Funding Services, Laborers for Christ, Architectural Advisory Committee, Demographics, Grants
  • Stewardship: Joyful Response, Young Investors, Consecrated Stewards, Bible Study


  • Personal: Young Investors Club, StewardAccount, Term Notes, Dedicated Certificates, Retirement Account, Health Savings Account
  • Ministry: StewardAccount, Ministry Term Notes, Demand Certificates
  • Business: Steward Account, Business Term Notes, Dedicated Certificates

Helpful information

October 2021 – Investment Interest Rates

National website for information on all products and services

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