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Guidelines for Supply Pastors and Congregations

(The following guidelines are shared as congregations utilize supply preachers and as LCMS pastors serve the congregations and ministries in the Northern Illinois District. We thank God for our life together in Word, Wellness, and Witness all in Christ and our common confession of the faith.)

For Congregations

  • Please reach out to the pastor you have invited and keep him informed of any changes related to service. Congregations may share a best contact with pastor, and the pastor may want to share best contact information as well. If there is a change or cancellation, please let the pastor know as soon as possible
  • Keep things simple for the guest pastor. It is easier to preach on the assigned reading for the day than to join in an already-existing sermon series. If there is a series, please let the pastor know the direction and purpose of the
  • If there is a children’s message expected of him, please let the pastor know well in
  • Sharing the order of service in advance is most helpful. It can be easily done by an email
  • Please be aware of travel and time commitment of the pastor you are requesting. Mileage should be reimbursed at the IRS reimbursement levels. Mileage can easily be calculated through computer
  • Insure there is person who will help the pastor get acquainted with any directions needed for the conducting of the service and proclamation of God’s Word.
  • Suggested Honorariums: (1 Timothy 5:18, 1 Corinthians 3:8) While pastors are willing to serve, they also should receive an honorarium which is a special way to recognize their service and is something more honorable than pay for services. It recognizes both time for travel, worship, and Bible study as well as preparation. One Service: $150.00 and with a minimum of $50.00 to $75.00 for each additional service as well as Bible study leadership. (We understand that some congregations may not be able to meet these suggested honoraria amounts for financial reasons. If the honorarium is significantly less than suggested, as a matter of courtesy, please kindly inform the supply pastor.) We desire that every congregation rejoices in the gifts the Lord gives and that they be served by a faithful and evangelical Lutheran pastor.

For the Serving Pastor

Congregations can expect a faithful message based on the Word of God with clear teaching and preaching of Law and Gospel. Supply pastors will preach the Word in accordance with the theology of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.

  • Pastors will, as much as possible, honor the local customs of the congregation and the called
  • Supply pastors will make every effort to be present at least 30 minutes before the scheduled service or Bible
  • The pastor will have prepared for the service and made every human effort to serve the people of God faithfully and with great love and care in Christ.
  • The pastor will connect with the contact person soon after arriving, asking for instructions as well as consulting with others involved in the service, including musicians.
  • If a pastor is unable to fulfill a commitment, he will, as soon as possible, make the congregational contact aware of the emergency. He will make every effort to fulfill his commitment and, if at a late notice, may seek his own replacement with agreement of the congregation’s leadership.

Contact Pastors to Schedule Vacancy Fill-in

The following pastors have informed the district president’s office they are willing to serve as supply preachers. Please contact each pastor directly to discuss scheduling and fees.

Use the form under the list of pastors to reach out to a pastor individually using their email address.

  • Rev. Eric Allyn –  630-291-1921
  • Vicar Erik Ankerberg – 414-412-9161
  • Rev. Dr. Dennis Aubey – 847-951-2178
  • Rev. Don Balgeman –  815-621-7223
  • Rev. Martin Balzer –  847-502-8439
  • Rev. Dr. Patrick Bayens – Unavailable mid December thru mid January 914-539-1521
  • Rev. Bill Beckmann – 630-584-0593
  • Rev. John Bucka – 815-931-2961
  • Rev. Jacob Corzine – 630-822-1362
  • Rev. Paul Dobberstein – 630-475-8906
  • Rev. Timothy Frick – 847-420-0159
  • Rev. Duane Fluechtling – 708-895-5660
  • Rev. Bruce Hanson – 251-454-1169
  • Vicar Bill Harder – Chicago, Northern Cook, Dupage, Lake, McHenry
    and Dekalb Counties; 312-215-3702 (mobile)
  • Rev. Mark Hein – 815-342-9619
  • Rev. Shadrach Katari – 847-298-4815
  • Rev. James Kirschenmann – 224-795-1055
  • Rev. Charles Kittel – 847-707-6025
  • Rev. David Kluge – 708-447-9350
  • Rev. Dr. Stephen Knapp – 708-738-4148
  • Rev. Jeffery Leichman – 847-494-9494
  • Rev. Richard Mau – 847-391-9284
  • Rev. Jerry Menk – Lake, McHenry, northern Cook Counties 847-848-7698.  Also available for substitute organist.
  • Rev. Thomas Noll – 224-735-7068
  • Rev. Thomas Noll – 224-735-7068
  • Rev. Walter Otten – 708-485-7074
  • Rev. Dean Pittelko – 224-645-3300
  • Rev. Stephen Precht – 815-233-6234
  • Rev. Dr. Gerald Schalk – 847-516-3390
  • Rev. Galen Sollie – 847-732-2609
  • Rev. Dennis Thompson – 708-738-7116
  • Rev. David Walker – 847-398-5237
  • Rev. John Walter – 847-975-1154
  • Rev. Ronald Weidler – 630-761-8830 (home); 630-721-8830 (mobile)