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Voice of Hope Behind the Wall

Voice of Hope Behind the Wall: Ministry Support to Prison Inmates and Ex-Offenders

“God’s healing and grace are not limited by a cement wall or razor wire, and his mercy is able to permeate even the most brutal environment. The simple truth is God’s love is present and available to all.”

Deaconess Lori Wilbert serves in prison ministry. At the Statesville Correctional Center, she teaches remote classes and builds community where she continues to see God’s grace and hope permeate the mundane, obscene, and obscure.

She sends bi-weekly devotionals, books, and sermons to seven different prisons throughout the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC. She is able to accomplish this because of her active state chaplaincy ID.

Her newest venture is assisting ex-offenders to assist others coming out of the system. There is a beautiful transition of ministry emphasis that is evolving. She has congregations involved in gathering specific things for each individual as needs vary.

In this ongoing journey, Deaconess Lori Wilbert stands as a beacon of compassion, embodying the transformative power of faith and the enduring spirit of hope.